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Let’s be honest, ice hockey is not popular across the globe like football or basketball. The popularity of ice hockey is concentrated mostly in Noth America, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe. In these regions, people are crazy about this sport, both to watch and bet on. Actually, there is quite a good reason for this. Knowing that it is played on the ice surface that could only appear and last in locations where winters are more severe, no wonder ice hockey enjoys massive popularity in the above-mentioned parts of the world.

People there love to play it, watch it and, which is important for our story – ice hockey is also very popular among sports bettors there. But, it doesn’t matter if you don’t live there – you can also be passionate about betting on ice hockey, too, as H2H Stats provides you a wide range of matches to place your bet on. Check out Overview section inside whom you can click on Overview ice hockey matches to see in how many matches in a row between the two chosen teams there were over 5.5 goals, or in how many matches in a row one of the two teams prevailed over the other.

Ice Hockey – the fastest game on Earth

You must have heard that ice hockey is called “The fastest game on Earth”. Why it gained this nickname? Well, try to find a sports discipline whose game mode is faster and more physically challenging than ice hockey. Not to mention the roughness with which players of the two opposing sides go against each other. In all of this speed, you need to have skills, quick thinking… Maybe there is some other sport with the same characteristics, but you would really have to think hard on that.

Hockey’s competitions

Ice hockey leagues that have the most powerful mix of all these elements, and are attractive for sports bettors, are the NHL (National Hockey League – comprises teams from the United States and Canada), KHL (Kontinental Hockey League – comprises teams from Russia, Belarus, China, Finland, Latvia, and Kazakhstan), SHL (Svenska hockeyligan – Swedish league), Liiga (Finnish league), ELH (Extraliga ledního hokeje – the Czech league), NL (National League – Swiss league), DEL (Deutsche Eishockey Liga – German league)… When it comes to competing of national teams, top tournaments are definitely the ‎IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships and EHF EuroHockey Nations Championship. Guess what? By clicking on All matches at H2H Stats, you can see the list of all hockey matches for the date when you would like to place your bet and see the outcomes of previous several encounters of the pairing that attracted your interest. This can help you find some pattern and make sure that you have big chances to earn money. Certainly, the most popular ice hockey league in the world is the first one we mentioned – NHL. That is because each team plays 82 games through the regular season which provides you with numerous opportunities to bet day after day. But, since European leagues have cup competitions besides championship, there are plenty of betting opportunities there as well.

Ice Hockey betting games

Knowing that the object of an ice hockey game is to score more goals than the opposing team, betting games that you are familiar with in football betting also apply to ice hockey betting, including the outright winner of a league or cup, the winner of a single game, first goalscorer, both teams to score, over/under… Match result (end of regulation or including overtime) is the most straightforward ice hockey bet of all. And given that this game is the most-bet, H2H Stats decided to bring you the list of ice hockey wins in a streak between any of the two teams in a daily offer of the matches in order to help you.

Just visit Wins Streak section inside Streaks. There is another section under Streaks that you might find useful if betting on a match result – Wins as host or guest Streak, containing the list of wins as host or away in a row. Those who don’t watch ice hockey on a regular basis might ask: Is there a draw in ice hockey? There are no draws in ice hockey. The match can end with a tie after 60 minutes (3×20 minutes) but then the Golden Goal rule in overtime will decide the winners. It means that the first team who scores wins the game. But, if you want to bet on a tie, which is the game many bookmakers offer, you will find in our Draws section the list of hockey matches with draws in a row. Choose a pairing and read through the history of mutual encounters of the two teams that ended with a tie.

Puck line handicap is a unique betting game in ice hockey but can be considered a variation on traditional handicap betting. Handicap is applied to the favorite and underdog. Usually, bookmakers set the puck line at 1.5. The underdog will receive + goal puck line handicap, while the favorite will get a – goal puck line handicap. So, if you bet on underdogs, they must not suffer a defeat by two or more goals for you to win the bet. In the other case, if you bet on favorites, they must win by at least 2 goals. If betting on a Correct score, you can go for the win of one of the two teams or bet on a tie.

Over/under game (goal totals) is highly popular among sports bettors who are specialized in ice hockey. Similar to football, right? For this, you will get enormous help from H2H Stats. Whether you believe that there will be no more than five goals (under 5.5) or that there will be at least six goals (over 5.5), H2H Stats has gathered history for both of the games. In Streaks section, find Over 5.5 goals Streak (ice hockey over 5.5 goals in a streak) and Under 5.5 goals Streak (ice hockey under 5.5 goals in a streak).

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