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Handball is one of the sports disciplines that needed time to gain its popularity among sports betting lovers. The reason for this is that everything starts with the fact of how some sports discipline is popular among sports fans. And this popularity does not always depend on how much TV broadcasts of the matches from a particular sport you can watch but on the availability to play that sport. And handball is one of the hardest games to play and it can hardly be played outside its original form. For instance, basketball and football can be played in different forms. Handball requires some tactical knowledge of this sports discipline. And only in the last 10 years or so, handball became more popular outside continental Europe and Scandinavia, spreading its tentacles, mostly, to South America.

Handball betting has been immensely popular amongst bettors in recent years, giving you plenty of opportunities when it comes to games to put your bet on. That’s where H2H Stats steps in, providing you with the list of handball matches worldwide on a daily basis with dozen of previous results for each of the pairings. This can be found by clicking on our section All matches.

Why is handball becoming popular among bettors?

Maybe the main reason why handball gained increased popularity among bettors in recent years is the fact that it has finally been comprehended as the mixture of several sport disciplines, mostly basketball and rugby. Knowing that it has a similar scoring pattern and ball handling by players as basketball, and force usage in stopping rivals that results in temporary suspending and restarting the play when this occurs – our claim is confirmed. But, the scoring pattern and intense playing dynamics are the main things that attracted bettors and let them know which approach to take while betting. H2H shows you a short preview of the main handball streaks in Overview section.

The handball betting options are various and very similar to basketball which is another successful confirmation of a parallel that we drew between these two sports. Who will win the match? Well, after clicking on Streaks section, you will find the history of handball wins in a streak. This will dispel many of the dilemmas that you had in regard to the pairing you want to place your bet on.

Clubs’ and national teams’ handball competitions

Certainly, EHF European Championship, IHF World Championship and EHF Champions League are the primary handball competitions whose beginning most bettors wait. Then come the EHF Cup and the EHF Challenge Cup. Another international league is the SEHA League, where various teams from eastern and southeastern Europe compete. Matches that are played in these tournaments are interesting for betting from various aspects. Overall, handball is very good for live betting (for example, on total goals if the favorite team starts the match badly) and odds are growing faster than in soccer and basketball. Generally, when it comes to handball, bookmakers have different types of handicaps in which the bookmaker assigns + or – handicap to each team. That number of goals is then added to – or deducted from + to determine the final score and, subsequently, the outcome of the bet. If you want to learn how to bet on handball, any kind of insight based on the analysis of a team’s form, individual player performances and even benefits that certain team has from a home-field advantage can be useful, right? H2H Stats helps you empower your betting by doing all this as we gather h2h wins as host or away in a row in our Wins as host or guest Streak, which is a part of Streak section.

And, what about national club competitions? Which are the ones to pay attention to? German Handball-Bundesliga, French Ligue Nationale de Handball, Spanish Liga ASOBAL, Hungarian NB I, Polish Ekstraklasa, and Danish Handball Ligaen are the most popular and have the most sponsorship money invested in. Somehow the logical choice when it comes to betting on these leagues is how many goals will be scored by a team in a fixture, either over or under some figure set by the bookmaker. If you like to make a good earning, take a risk and bet on a draw. But, before you do that, check out Draws section on H2H Stats where you will be able to see the streaks of handball matches that ended with a tie.

Bettors can bet on the score after the first half of the handball match only – First half betting. Also, if you are passionate about betting you can try yourself, or already have, in betting on a team to win a tournament outright or an individual group within a tournament – Future or Outright betting. A little tip: in handball, it is important that you have fresh info about the games because sometimes favorites have Euro Cup games at the end of the week. That might be an advantage for the away or underdog team because, in these cases, favorites rarely run over rivals, allowing them to be near when it comes to the final outcome of the match. So, when you see this coming, find some big handicap. But, before you do that, visit H2H Stats as we will increase your chances to win money by collecting various head-to-head statistics.

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