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Can we agree on the fact that basketball is one of the most popular and most watched sports in the world? You know it’s true! So, it is logical that in terms of betting it’s also extremely popular. These two facts simply coincide, just like in any other sport. If it is popular worldwide to watch it is popular for wagering, too. One more fact goes into favor of basketball to be attractive for betting – it is a fast-paced sports and sports that possess that kind of game mode are incredibly fun and might give you potentially profitable betting experience.

Basketball bets are coming straight after football bets

Out of major sports, basketball is one of the easiest to bet on. Those who experienced betting on football will know right away what we are talking about. Along with football, basketball also uses the point spread for betting on teams, as well as an over/under. So, if you mastered betting on football or, at least, got to know the entire range of games, you already pretty much have the knowledge of betting on basketball. We stress this because betting on a sport that you don’t fully understand is a play in which you have no chance of winning. Furthermore, this might result in losing a lot of money, especially if you are a type of bettor that put big amounts, play without the bonuses and simply don’t satisfy your urge to be a so-called recreational bettor.

Basketball competitions

Like in most sports disciplines, there is a wide range of different leagues and organizations that basketball teams compete in. You can bet on each and every one of them depending on the bookmakers’ offer, but like in every sport, some leagues are more popular than the others. These leagues are: NBA (National Basketball Association – composed of the teams based in the United States and Canada), EuroLeague (top European club competition), Liga ACB (Liga Asociación de Clubes de Baloncesto – Spanish league), BSL (Basketbol Süper Ligi – Turkish league), VTB United League (Edinaya Liga VTB – composed of the teams from Russia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Belarus, Latvia, and Poland), LBA (Lega Basket Serie A – Italian league), ABA League (Adriatic Basketball Association – composed of the teams from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro), Basket League (Greek League)… Now… if you want to find out the record that one team has against the other in the pairing that you have chosen to bet on out of many leagues offered by the bookmakers, check out H2H Stats section All matches. It contains the list of all basketball matches for the date that you picked. Also, you can get the insight in all basketball main streaks of each pairing in a short preview, placed in Overview section.

Types of basketball bets

Understanding the different types of games that are available in basketball betting is the most important step in becoming a successful sports bettor on this sport discipline. Let’s start with the most popular types of basketball bets because they are comprehensible even to the beginners in sports betting. The most common type of betting on basketball is the point spread, which is actually a handicap that bookmakers impose on one team to make both teams equal in terms of betting. This means that the team that was given lower odds is expected to win (favorite) and some number of points is taken from them (let’s say -3.5), while the team that was given higher odds is expected to lose (underdog) and the same number of points is given to them (+3.5). If you bet on the favorite team, it has to win by more than 4 points. If you trust the underdog and bet on them, have in mind that in this case they need either to win the game or lose by less than 4 points.

Are you tired of counting the handicap? Take a moneyline bet – a bet on the winner of the game without the point spread! There’s a catch in this – because some teams are given the huge chance of winning, which is marked with the odds, and you will have to risk considerably more on the favorites than on the underdogs. The – in front of the name of the favorite, for instance -300, means that if you put 30 dollars (or any other currency, depending on the country in which the bookmaker is based in) you will win 10. In front of the name of the underdog there’s + (let’s say +250) so if you anticipate their win you can put 10 dollars and might win 25. In order to learn why some team has more chances to win than the other, H2H Stats created a Streaks section inside whom there is Overview – a short preview of basketball main streaks (which team won and by which scoreline in the last several matches). In the same section, you can see Wins as host or guest Streak, showing wins as host or guest in a row of the two teams in a pairing. In moneyline betting, it is possible to wager on a tie. There must be a winner in a basketball match because there is overtime in case of a tie at the end of the regular time. But, if you want to tempt your luck by betting on a tie after four quarters of a match, maybe you should first see the history of the ties between the two teams. And you can see that in our Draw section that contains basketball matches with draws.

Another basketball betting game that is highly popular is prop bets, also known as specials (bet types that don’t fall into the regular betting categories). There are to two types of prop bets: skilled bets, and unskilled bets. In skilled bets, you are betting on how well individual players will perform in the game (over/under points, blocks, rebounds, assists…). Unskilled bets give you the opportunity to guess how teams will perform in the game in terms of some basketball elements (over/under dunks, fouls… which team will score the first or last point in the match…). H2H Stats might be very helpful for bettors who choose one of these types of prop bets. How? Well, because it has a list of half time/full time 1/2 or 2/1 results in the last several matches between the two rivals and that list is placed in the HT/FT 1/2 or 2/1 section.

Basketball betting tip: If you think that you will win more money by choosing the more complex bet, be aware that it is so not true! Experienced basketball bettors use the simplest of bets to win money, like betting on winners and losers in the game.

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